HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! The middle of May marks the end of one year, and the start of another. I have reached the grand old age of 27 (or 28 in Korean age) and boy, I don’t know how to feel about this. I mean 27 I can swallow without much pain however, when I have to tell a Korean person how old I am, and I have to admit that I am 28, that’s a much harder pill to swallow. When my birthday month comes around I like spend some time reflecting on my achievements of the previous year as well as all things I got up to. So let’s go on a trip down memory lane shall we?

May 16th 2017: I went to work horrifically hungover due to cry-drinking myself through half a bottle of gin whilst I threw myself a pity party. I was, after all, at a very low point working at a job I couldn’t bare and I was, let’s say…emotional.

Moving swiftly on…

Sometime at the end of May 2017: I got my eyebrows microbladed…YAAAAS!

lol brows

June 1st 2017: Went on my first date with my current boyfriend. We went Paragliding and then to the beach where I got embarrassingly sunburnt #firstdategoals.


June ’17 – May ’18: I stopped drinking so much ^^^ I expect this was largely influenced by the fact that my boyfriend didn’t really drink. Admittedly, when my old university friend came to visit me in February 2017 I did relive my university days a little.

July 1st 2017: Went official with bae. Was this slightly forward of me? Yes, but I had been messed around by guys for some months prior to meeting him. Needless to say he agreed to my proposition and we spent the next 12 months dating and generally having a ball.

August 2016: Started some lengthy dental treatment and I visited Busan for the first time.

September 22nd 2016: Left the job I hated! YIPPEE!


September 27th 2017: Moved in with my boyfriend, probably the best day of his life.


Beginning of October 2017: I finally got to have a vacation being as my previous crappy job wouldn’t even let me have time off to go to the dentist. Further to which, I finally got to tick Japan of my travel bucket list! Osaka was also our first holiday as a couple.


18th October 2017: Started a new job at a new Hagwon in Seoul. Seoul!

End of October: Moved into my new micro-apartment.

October – December 2017: Felt majorly stressed and overwhelmed by my new job.

January 2018: New year new me…just kidding! New year and the same old me.

January 2018 – February 2018: Stupidly agreed to work 2 shifts back to back, minimum 12 hour days + spending my Sunday’s prepping for the insane week that lay ahead. Let it be known that I cried at work more than once and by the end of February I was an absolutely horrible person to be around.

a class


March – April 2018: Started my new 9 hour shift teaching kindergarten. It was pretty awesome, I enjoyed the new challenge and I was happy to spend my evenings cutting, laminating, gluing, stapling, printing etc. So that my students would have nice classrooms, fun activities and engaging lessons to enjoy.


May 2018: My enthusiasm waned. I was due to extend/not extend my contract at work soon and as usual this played heavily on my mind. Part of me wanted to stay however part of me wanted to leave. Mostly, I just wished that I didn’t have to make these types of decisions because I find it very difficult but that’s a story is for another blog.

May 5th-7th: Mini-break with my boyfriend. It was amazing to have some time off work and Chuncheon was stunning!


May 10th 2018: I was reprimanded for wearing a skirt that was “too short”. I did not respond well to this, at all. I had worn said “short” skirt for the past 8 months and it hasd only just become inappropriate. Side note: it hadn’t shrunk in the wash over the past 8 months.

May 14th: I joined a gym. I know it is pretty unbelievable right? Let me just say that one more time to make sure we both believe it: I joined a gym. #27bodylikeheaven #thecringeisreal #nothingrhymeswith27

And there we have it, another year older, another year wiser. I certainly feel as though I have learned and grown a lot over the past year. I am happiest about leaving my old job and, of course, meeting my boyfriend. My highlight of 2018 was definitely my best friend visiting me, not only was I beyond happy to spend some time with her but it also renewed my love for Korea. My new job is certainly a big improvement compared to the last one and some days I love my job whilst other days I hate it. Some days I love children and other days I wish I could just spend my day not getting punched in the boobs/bum, being screamed at simultaneously by 10 kids and having to wear my inoffensive, body-hiding teacher clothes. That being said, my students are pretty cool.

So what are my goals for my year as a 27 year old? Well, getting in shape is one goal. I have no plans to leave Korea however I do hope to change jobs at some point be it in October or March of next year. I am toying with the idea of putting my head down and attempting to learn Korean but that is a very tentative goal. My main goal is to put myself first. It’s selfish but it’s necessary. I feel like work life and personal life should be separate and I’ve decided that I am entitled to both. So, I am hereby leaving my work at the office. There shall be no more late nights animating PowerPoint’s or cutting out 140 sunflower petals individually, you heard it here first! In order to have a bit more personal space, I’d love a bit more actual space so I am also hoping that I may be able to move out of my mini-apartment and into somewhere with a kitchen that I can cook in (current kitchen measure 3.75ft by 4ft), a quiet fridge (please, God, let me have this small mercy) and a neighbour who doesn’t spend all night and day enjoying herself…loudly.

I hope everyone else is having a year of success and happiness, feel free to wish me luck!

Peace and love, as always, from Korea xoxo

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