Nari Park

October in Seoul meant one thing and one thing only, snapping a chic pic of yourself in the midst of some pink muhly grass. The #1 destination for this was Nari Park located about 20 minutes from Yangju Station (line 1). With the sole intention of taking IG worthy pics I headed to the coveted park with a friend and my Canon SL2.


As soon as I arrived a taxi driver pretty much ushered me into a taxi which was fine as it meant I didn’t have to work out how to take the bus. I said ‘Nari Park’ in English and then attempted to say it in Korean, he knew where I wanted to go. About 20 minutes and 7,000₩ later we pulled up next to the park and a LOT of equally minded people. It was busy. There were photography enthusiasts, couples and families. Some people brought picnics, others brought their dogs and everybody brought a camera of some description.

The park entrance fee cost 2,000₩ and the park itself was relatively small. This was ideal, for me, as I get pretty tired walking around snap snapping for the gram. This park had a full 2 hours worth of photo ops. I can’t imagine going there simply to enjoy the park and it’s just so busy and it is designed with picture taking in mind. There are several signs and large wooden cut out photo frames to pose with. In addition, there is also a telephone box and a multitude of different flowers to use as a backdrop. There is a little place where you can buy either iced coffee or ice-cream for 1,000₩~2,000₩. I would suggest that if you want to go when it’s less busy you should go as early as possible and on a week day.


0f course, as is often the case when I venture outside of my apartment, I was approached by a group of keen older gentleman with expensive camera gear. The end result was a bizarre photoshoot which drew a vast amount of unwarranted attention and was equal parts fun and equal parts awkward. Say yes, is my approach, as long as it’s something safe. See some of the photo poses I was encouraged to do!

Aside from befriending some ajushhis, I also befriended a cute little puppy called Myeon meaning cotton, you can guess why!


I took bus #80 back to the station, you can use the KakaoBus to help you! There were lots of people waiting at the bus stop but luckily I managed to get a seat. It was roughly a 20 mins or so journey and pretty much everyone got off at Yangju Station.



Yangju Nari Park 양주 나리 공원
Gyeonggi-do Yangju-si Gwangsa-dong 731
경기도 양주시 관사동 731


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